Is your 404 Error Page leaving Ad Revenue on the Table?

Is your 404 Error Page leaving Ad Revenue on the Table?

What happens if one of your webpage/blog visitors comes to your site on a broken, incorrect link? Does it go to a 404 error page? If it does you are making a mistake and leaving Google Adsense revenue on the table!

Not only has it been proven that a 404 error can hurt your on-site SEO, but it also means you are not getting the possible Adsense revenue for that page! While it doesn't hurt to have a 404 error page it is far better to redirect it to the correct page, or if you can't just redirect it to the main page where most Adsense revenue will come from.

All 404 Redirect to Homepage

Using a simple WordPress plug-in you can be redirecting 404 errors to the homepage in mere seconds! Sure, the increase in revenue from doing this will be slight to say the least, but they always say if you "look after the pennies then the pounds will look after themselves" and leaving those few pennies to get away is a crying shame when you really don't need a 404 error page. Just ask yourself this: What do you do when you come across a broken link in Google? I bet the answer most of the time will be that you look elsewhere.