Is It Possible to Cheat YouTube's new Monetization Limits?

Is It Possible to Cheat YouTube's new Monetization Limits?

We can all run around the web pointing fingers at bigger YouTube stars for the new "tougher" monetization limits or we can concentrate on making sure the content we are producing is the best we can make. This post isn't a moan about the new limits, its a look at how to easily achieve them! But it is also a look at ways you can cheat them (and the reasons why you shouldn't.)

4000 Watch Hours & 1000 Subscribers

I will be the first to admit the new limits of 4,000 hours (per year) and over 1,000 subscribers is a tough goal to look up to especially when you are just starting out. But is there a way to cheat these limits? Indeed there is! But I will also be explaining why you shouldn't be using them (but regardless, some people do).

I think it is best if we break up these limits into 2 parts. The 4,000 hours (per year) part and the 1,000 subscribers part.

Getting Those 1,000 Subs

Let's deal with the subscribers first because this is the easiest one to deal with. Believe it or not its pretty easy to get this amount! There are several accounts of fiver than offering just that amount as well as the old classic of sub-for-sub commenting. While sub-for-sub commenting is still technically cheating to get the number it is a much safer method of getting that magic 1000 number. But here is why getting those subs from a website, Fiver or eBay won't work...

Normal YouTube Subscriber Growth

This chart shows the growth of a typical YouTube channel. Its a slow, steady climb and most people will see this growth from posting regular content and finding their own market.

Bot/Boosted YouTube Subscriber Growth

But when you use a "subscriber growth" service this is how it looks! Unless you have been going viral its easy for YouTube to see you are using bots/dummy accounts and they will ban you. Slow steady growth is the key.

Maybe try asking people on other social media forms to sub to your Channel, get friends and family to do the same and don't be afraid to get out there within the YouTube comments on other peoples videos and tell them about videos that you have made. I'm not telling you to use the "sub-for-sub" method here, I'm saying that there is nothing wrong with self-promotion.

Getting those 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months

To put it short there is no easy way to "buy your way" out of this one. The amount is simply too high to "buy" those views, but there are a few shortcuts that you can take.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to make your videos longer! Sure, getting over that magic 10 mins is great, but what about uploading that hour-long live chat you did? If just 100 people watch your "hour-long live chat" you only need to upload another 39 videos of the same length to get to this goal! Now making a video that is an hour long might be far too much for most of us to make and the fans to watch, but chucking a few extra minutes of cut-edits into your new videos (edits that you are not sure about leaving in) will soon add up.

Also posting those links on ALL social media accounts will help. Even adding a channel trailer will help people most people new to your channel will watch it even if they don't plan to subscribe! Or maybe try making videos that are made up of several parts. If someone has watched "part 1" of something, they are bounds to watch "part 2" as well if they enjoyed the first one.

Don't think of those monetization limits as a whole number, trying breaking it up and you will soon realise they are easily achievable. 1000 subs are only 10 subs a day for 100 days! Or 4,000 hours is only 1000 views of a 4-hour video! Or just a single subscriber watching 40,000 10 minute videos.

"Believe in yourself and you can do" as they always say, but what I say is you need to get out there and keep on letting people know they should be subscribing, they should be watching your new (and old) videos and they should be clicking that notification bell so they are always first to see it.

Do you have any safe tips for growing these limits? If you do please let everyone know in the comments below and be sure to POST THOSE YOUTUBE CHANNELS as well.