Tips for Making the best use of Those Mid-Roll Ads on YouTube

Are you making the best of the "Mid-Roll" option on YouTube ads? You can add these adverts to any video you like by clicking "edit" on the video you wish to ad them too, selecting "Monetisation" in the mid-screen tab and simply selecting where to put the ads. But where is the best place to put these? Here are some great tips to use this feature effectively...

Tip 1: If you make long videos (20 mins +) why not turn on automatic mid-roll ads! You can find this by selecting "Channel", Then "Upload Defaults". You can then turn automatic mid-roll ads on or off which is perfect for those long gameplay-videos.

Tip 2: If you have a cliffhanger in your video, or maybe the answer to a question people are waiting to hear, stick a mid-roll ad between the question and the answer (or just before the big cliffhanger) and that mid-roll will get much better engagement than it normally would meaning more money for you!

Tip 3: Don't over-use this feature. Don't stick a mid-roll in just for the sake of it every 5 minutes, try to add them during scene transitions or maybe during a non-speaking section. Getting the timing right on these ads is the secret to earning more from them. Sadly adding too many might well lower your ad engagement rate and can mean a drop on overall ad-revenue.

Tip 4: Making sure you click the "after video" on the ad-breaks section means you get that extra ad in before they watch anouther video which might well not be one of your own videos! Most of the time people will associate this new ad with the next video even if the next video they watch doesn't have ads running!

As with everything relating to Adsense its all about that A/B experimentation and without that experimentation you could be leaving money on the table. Let's face it, it's not easy for YouTubers these days, so any extra pennies for a little bit of extra time putting in the mid-rolls should be more than appreciated.