Are You Using Google Adsense Auto Ads? You Might Want to Read This!

Are You Using Google Adsense Auto Ads? You Might Want to Read This!
This year has seen the introduction of AdSense Auto ads. This small piece of code takes the hassle away from using Adsense and its understandable that a lot of people are using it. But there is a small problem with using Google Adsense Auto Ads, Automatic Ads on your website or blog it might offer, but those ads are NOT well-placed ads and here is why...

 First I need to explain how/what Google Adsense Auto-Ads is. Basically, its a small piece of code that when implemented allows Adsense to (and I quote here): "use machine learning to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf" to put that more simply it learns where the best place to put the ads is, then it learns what the best ad to show is which means you earn more money. But that "smart placement" isn't always the "correct" placement.

Poorly Placed Ads Using Google Adsense Auto-Ads

 As you can see in the image above Auto-Ads will often place ads in strange, out of shape positions with your blog/website theme as it starts to learn the best place to put it. Sadly what the algorithm will often call "the best place" will make your blog look messy and untidy. This in return lowers your on-site user satisfaction which might lead to fewer people returning to it, especially your subscribers and regular readers.

I'm not telling people to stop using Adsense Auto-Ads. In fact, if you are new to using Google Adsense on a blog or website it is perfect for you. It's just a small piece of code, almost no hassle making it perfect for newbies. But for those of us learning a little more about Google Adsense, its best to go solo and make sure those Ads are all well-placed and in tidy/static positions.


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