3 Killer Adsense Tips Almost Everyone Knows, But Most Forget

3 Killer Adsense Tips Almost Everyone Knows, But Most Forget

While some people think they don't know a lot about Adsense most of us know more than you might think! This list features "Killer" tips and tricks that really aren't new news to anyone. So why I am bringing you this list? Because these tips are pretty much all you need to concentrate on when it comes to growing your Adsense revenue...

Tip 1: Do at least some Keyword Research

This is a tip that almost all Adsense lists feature and yet it is one of the most important things anyone can learn. Getting those keywords right is the secret to finding out which ones are highly paid and which ones are worth avoiding. If you plan to start a blog or a YouTube channel, this is where you need to start.

Tip 2: Do at least some Content Research

While it is important to have as much "unique" content as you can you should also realise that without tip number 1 this part of growing a passive Adsense income will remain elusive. You should always try and make the best content you can. What I will say is don't be scared to use an article spinner! Some might make basic articles but its something you can easily use and grow upon. Just remember that as my previous post suggests content quality is not a driving force in Adsense Income.

Tip 3: Don't just make one site, Mass-Produce them!

If you have one site that makes a few pennies on Adsense, why not make more of them! If you have done it once you could do it again. Why this tip does work for blogs and sites, its best to stick to one channel on YouTube and concentrate on it.

Growing a site to earn some good Adsense income is something almost anyone can do, especially with the number of easy site building programs out there, the only thing you need to learn are these tips here, the rest can be done automatically (especially with Adsense Auto Ads). Don't be afraid to give it a go in your spare time and don't be afraid to talk about things you enjoy rather than those high paying keywords. Talking about what you know and love will make that content research easier and your readers will soon discover you know exactly what you are talking about. With Blogspot blogs, anyone can give it a go, it's just a matter of sticking to it.