What Should I Do if I Accidentally Clicked on One of My Own Adsense Ads?

What Should I Do if I Accidentally Clicked on One of My Own Adsense Ads?

I have good news for you! Adsense won't ban your Adsense account and won't notify you of your infraction. Well...not the first few times anyway. The reason they won't ban or contact you is that site owners do this all the time! Some people click on them accidentally and some do it deliberately because they like what the ad is showing. I have clicked on my own ads at least a few times over the years with no ban or warning of any kind. But be warned...they will ban you if you keep doing it!

There is a big and stark difference behind the analytics of you clicking on your own ads deliberately and you clicking on them accidentally or now and again purposefully. If I had to put numbers on it I would say any more than 1 click a day will probably get you banned. But believe it or not there are people out there that think they can get away with it behind firewalls and VPN's, but Google will soon cotton onto this and if they smell the smallest of con jobs they will indeed ban you!

So is it a problem if you click on your own ad a few times? No, but I certainly wouldn't suggest anyone does it deliberately and anyone who thinks they can "trick" the Adsense system is either delusional or a master hacker. In the end, both will get their accounts banned, instantly and without any way to appeal or argue the decision. If you can think of a way to cheat the Adsense system, you can bet your bottom dollar Adsense have tested it and found a way to detect it years ahead of you.

Have you been banned by Adsense or know someone who has? If you do let me know the story in the comments below and let others learn from the mistake.