Here Is Why You Shouldn't Ignore Adsense Text Only Ads

Here Is Why You Shouldn't Ignore Adsense Text Only Ads

While Adsense seems to insist that you use both Text & Image ads the classic and original "text only" ad shouldn't be overlooked! Doing some simple A/B testing I have come to some strange results that we interesting to say the least...

The first benefit of using text-only ads is the small, but significant improvement to the overall page speed. While small it still means I might get an SEO boost because of it. Sure, it's not AMP speeds, but it was still pretty good given that all I changed was image to text ads.

Using Text Only Ads I saw an increase in CTR and CPC

But the biggest surprise was the increase in CTR and CPC that were over 3% higher than image only ads! The main boost in earnings was because text ads will often show 2 or 3 text ads in the same place as one image ad!  But I think the main reason for the increase in clicks was the ads were no longer hidden in a sea of other images. They were bold, clean and could easily be seen.

While my 3 months of testing is hardly proof that text ads are best overall it was still a very interesting experiment. I think next time I would like to try the same thing but over 1 year rather than a few months because I have a sneaky suspicion that at Christmas time image ads are a much better option. But I guess I will have to wait and find out. But in the meanwhile, I will be making sure I use a lot more text ads in my ad placements.