How Important Are Page Views to Adsense Revenue?

How Important Are Page Views to Adsense Revenue?

While you might think the number of page views you get is one of the most important things relating to Adsense revenue, the truth is they are not. Sure, you need page views to get those ads seen in the first place, but as you might have read in my post "Content Quality Has Very Little to Do With Adsense Earnings" Page Views are not as important as the reason those people are there in the first place!

Lots of Page Views but Low Earnings? It's the Curse of Most Bloggers

Its all about average CPC on the keywords they are visiting your site for. If people are there for a viral picture or video of a cat you might get 100,000 views on that page! But the CPC (Cost Per Click) will be really low. Now, let's just say people are visiting your site for a smartphone review, or a post about your day out at a theme park and your thoughts on the place, those same 100,000 views will get you significantly more CPC because advertisers know you are there with the intention of possibly buying something or visiting somewhere! This is why travel blogs often earn the most of all the blog categories.

So page views are important for sure, but not so much the amount, it's more the intention they have when they get there. Even if you are getting a small amount of traffic to a travel blog, you can expect a lot more revenue than someone with their viral cat video.