Are you throwing Adsense revenue away? 99.99% of Adsense users are!

Are you throwing Adsense revenue away? 99.99% of Adsense users are!

What would you say if I told you there is a setting in Adsense that 99.99% of Adsense users ignore, but using it correctly it can make you loads more revenue! You would probably want to know what it is, but in truth, this is not something that is hidden, it is just a feature that no-one uses. As we learned in my post about the "Ad Fill Rate" you don't get every ad placement filled 100% of the time, so guess what happens all those times when there isn't an ad to fill the hole? ...anyone? Well...the answer is...nothing!  It just remains a blank space! But changing a simple setting can make sure you get 100% fill rate on all ad placements and it can also massively increase your site's earnings!

This setting is called "Backup ads" and most people ignore it!

What I am talking about is located in the "Ad Units", click on any ad that you have made and look at where I have marked the little red box in the image above. It says "If No Ads Available" and this means you are telling Adsense what to do with your Ad placement if there is no ad to fill it! But "Collapse the ad unit, otherwise show a blank space" is not the only setting you can put here. By clicking on the bar you get a few different options...

What you need to do is "show other URL"

In fact, there are 3 options you can choose from...

  • Collapse the ad unit, otherwise show a blank space
  • Collapse the ad unit, otherwise show colour
  • Show other URL

For those post, I will be explaining what you can do with the last option called "Show other URL". When you select this option it asks you for a URL, so what do you put into here? That is where things get a little tricker. What you need to do is make or show an "alternative ad" and the only hard thing is making sure you make it the same size as the ad size from the block you have chosen. For this example, let's just say the ad block you made is for a leaderboard 728x90. What you need to do is make an image that same size, or even better use an affiliate banner from Amazon, or Click Bank! Most of the time if you check in "assets" in an affiliate site you will have loads of different ad images and there is nearly always one that is leaderboard 728x90

While you can make the image static there really wouldn't be much point in that unless you use a "Advertise here, contact me" style of ad. What I will be showing you is making a "clickable" image. The image itself can be hosted anywhere online, as long as it's accessible from the internet, so using an Amazon ad is fine.

First you need to make a new blog post or page (you can hide this from search engines if you want) and you then place a single line of code on that one page like this

<a href="" target="_top"><img scr=""></a>

You probably don't need me to tell you to replace "" with your target URL and replace "" with your own image.

And this is what you should end up with...

Once you have done the same for all your ad blocks you will never show a blank ad again and depending on the type of "Backup ads" you show you should see a very nice increase in revenue! Sadly this won't grow your Adsense revenue like the posts title suggest (little bit of click bait sorry), but will might grow your overall site earnings!

Have you used this method before? What fails/success have you had with it? Do let me know in the comments below.