When It Comes to Adsense, Bigger Is Often Better!

When It Comes to Adsense, Bigger Is Often Better!

This is something men have been struggling with for years and that is finding out that bigger is often better. But this post is not about manhood, it's about Adsense ads and I am pleased to tell you bigger ads do indeed do better. But not too big, the classic 336×280 large rectangle, 728×90 leaderboard or even the 120×600 large skyscraper are the better ads. But what would happen if you only used those 3 sizes on your desktop site? I decided to find out...

Using Larger Ads Doesn't Look Too Bad at All!

First of all, I just want to say that it looked a lot better than I had thought. Removing all the responsive and smaller ads, replacing them with larger ones made the whole site look bolder and tidier. In fact, still today I kept those same ads and the same sizes. I did remove most the lower, smaller ad placements, but I did keep the larger "above the fold" ads. While the site did indeed look nicer the sidebar really benefited from the larger ads making them stand out much better.

A Small Increase in Adsense Earnings Using Only Bigger Ads

But what about earnings? Did they improve? In a word yes, but not as much as you might think. The biggest problem in my testing was that I went from using auto responsive ads to larger ads and often the auto responsive ads were already using the larger ads!  So in terms of sizes, they didn't change that much! But one interesting thing was the increase in sidebar clicks! I had 2 ads located on the sidebar and changed them both to 120×600 large skyscraper and the results were a much better CTR (click through rate) and in return a small, but noticeable increase in overall revenue. While I have been running this test for 3 months I have decided to keep most the changes I made.

Sure, the extra earnings where small and the mobile site looked untidy It was a good experiment to run. With all the "ad-blindness" people have today it's not easy to grow and get those clicks so using larger ads on a desktop site is a great idea. The only issue is if you use Adsense's own auto responsive ads as they will mostly show larger ads anyway! Sure, it was a bit of a failed experiment given the original ad sizes, but it still kind of proved that bigger is better as well, especially when it comes to that sidebar.