Adsense Alternatives: Using Ezoic Ad Intelligence Platform

Adsense Alternatives: Using Ezoic Ad Intelligence Platform

As far as I know, Ezoic has been around for almost ten years and for 6 of those I have been using this platform myself (I am telling you this for the purposes of full disclosure). But the truth is I know what I am doing when it comes to Adsense development and growth so I wouldn't even consider using this service if it wasn't any good. So what is Ezoic? While it describes itself as a "Website Intelligence Platform For Publishers" I use it because it can test hundreds of different Ad combinations and placements which means it can bring you the most revenue it can. They claim (and I could easily believe these numbers) that most people who sign up get to see a 60% or more revenue gain! (I put my hand on my heart when I tell you that I personally saw a 212% increase in my own Adsense revenue, but back then when I signed up I sucked at mobile ads).

You Can Earn a Lot More With The Ezoic Ad Intelligence Platform

Things I like about the Ezoic Ad Intelligence Platform...

While the extra money is a welcome boost the extra viewers I get from it is another. Thanks to their various SEO friendly plug-ins and well designed mobile and AMP themes I saw quite a boost in traffic from them. From being able to "tone down the ads" or doing the opposite and ramping the number of ads up, Ezoic give you full control and I have to say the dashboard took a little getting used to, but I now know my way around it pretty well.

But one of the best things about using Ezoic (or any other ad-testing platform) is them doing all the hard work for you and in most cases, they do it for free as well. While they will place a small ad in the bottom of the page you will hardly know they are doing anything. Most of the time all you see if the amount of money going upwards (albeit slowly and steadily). While the amount you earn will always fluctuate over time you do get considerably more than Google Adsense alone.

Losing control of your site sucks!

Things I Hate about the Ezoic Ad Intelligence Platform...

While they can work with code placed on your site they always encourage people to change their nameservers to their own. At first, I really didn't like this and felt like I was losing control of the site. While I don't feel like that now, at the time I did. Also, I don't like some of their ad placements or their own themes as they can often break the content up and make the site look untidy. I will say that this is easily sorted by adjusting the settings, for a newbie to the platform it can be off-putting.

My personal opinion of Ezoic Ad Intelligence Platform...

Like I said at the start of this article. I simply wouldn't use them if they weren't any good and the fact that I have been using their service for over 6 years should tell you something. Sure, it's not going to be for everyone, but those of us who are after more and more earnings from our ad placements its a godsend and probably saved me months, if not years of testing my own ad-placements. Sadly it is their persistence of having the Nameservers changed that will put a lot of people off, but do yourself a favour and trust them with your site because sometimes the rewards can be pretty great.

Sounds like it might be for you? Then sign up now using this link:

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