Five Things You Should Never Do if You Have Use Google Adsense

Five Things You Should Never Do if You Have Use Google Adsense

While there are probably hundreds of "Adsense Policies" you need to obey, there are at least a few main ones that you should abide by. This list features five things that you should never do if you use Google Adsense be it on your YouTube Channel or a blog/website, just don't do them under any circumstances...

Click On Your Own Ads

This one really shouldn't need to be said, but yet it still surprises me the number of people who get their Adsense accounts locked for doing just that! Don't do it to test them, don't do it because you like the offer they are showing, just DON' T DO IT!

Ask People To Click On Your Ads

Not only can you not ask people to do it, you can't encourage it either. Even an arrow or finger pointing to the ads in question can get you into trouble. And don't think for one moment you will get away with it, because its easy for Google to see if you have done this because of a sudden spike in ad clicks!

Never Show/Write Prohibited Content

While the terminology of "Prohibited" might be a grey area there are a few set rules to abide by. Things like adult content, drug, gambling and even weapons content will get you banned if talked about or shown in the wrong ways. This also goes for YouTube videos.

Never Place Ads Over Content

This might sound like something most people will know anyway, but some people will do this deliberately to get more clicks! Not only will this make your site look bad, but the increase in clicks on those ads could lead to your Adsense account getting locked.

Never Use Pop-ups or Downloadable Software Applications

While there are still certain uses for both of these things that are allowed (like email signup pop-ups) its best to avoid either of them completely. While most people will not have a use for either of these things, they are still something major to take into consideration.

There are far too many Adsense policy points to go into, making sure you do none of these five things should keep you on the right path. While most of these things listed are self-explanatory there are still people each and every day who get their Adsense accounts banned because of them!