How Important is Page RPM to My Adsense Revenue?

How Important is Page RPM to My Adsense Revenue?

We have already taken a look at Page Views and now its time to look at Page RPM. So what does this even mean? It stands for "Page revenue per thousand impressions". So you are probably wondering why it isn't "Page RPTI" but the "M" is Roman numerals for 1000, so we end up with "RPM". Phew, I'm glad that is out of the way! So let's get on with what it actually means.  In fact, it means exactly what I said in the post "How Important Are Page Views to Adsense Revenue?"  but saying Page Views have very little to do with what you might earn because it's more to do with how high your Page RPM is...

Sadly your chosen target country does also determine your Page RPM

Your Page RPM is calculated by dividing your estimated Adsense earnings by the number of page views that you received, then multiplying by 1000. Put simply it is dividing your total Adsense earnings by the number of page views. Provided there are no problems before the payment (things like removed clicks or false traffic streams) the Page RPM is usually pretty accurate! So presuming that it tells you the whole truth you can usually work out what you might earn month after month (although there are large fluctuations on this estimate).

While you should always take your Page RPM number with a pinch of salt and scepticism the maths usually works out like this: Page RPM of £1 ($1,1 Euro) means you need 100,000 page views to earn £100 ($100,100 Euro). only need 10,000 views to get to the same amount if your Page RPM is £10 ($10,10 Euro). So the higher it is, the better you are doing. This is why a lot of people use the Page RPM to measure how well their ad testing and ad optimisation is going. So aim to get your Page RPM as high as you can, because it is far more important than those page views.