How Many Ads Should I Have on Each Page?

How Many Ads Should I Have on Each Page?

While this might sound like a pretty straightforward question, it is much like asking "how long is a piece of string?". But yet it is still a question people ask all the time and it is one that I will try and answer the best I can...

While it doesn't sound like a great way to start the answer to this question I will start off with telling you that there really isn't a limit on the number of ads you can have per-page, but there is a user tolerance limit which is not the same thing. You see, Adsense suggests that you keep the amount of page real estate to under 20% Ads and 80% content a maximum, but that doesn't mean you should try and get to that 20%, it's just a statistical suggestion!

While I can't give you an exact number of ads per page the best advice I can give you is to use ads to break up a long page of content, especially choosing in-article ads between paragraphs. But for shorter pages of content just stick to the usual header ads and under menu ads. Why bother adding any more than that!

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While this might not be the answer you were all hoping for it really is the best answer I can offer you. When it comes to ads if you are doubting whether or not to add an extra one, its best to "go without" rather than go through the fuss of making a new ad block. But once the post/article has a good ranking there is no harm in trying to add a few more ads, maybe via some A/B testing.