How Many Page/Site Views do I Need to Make my First £100? ($100, €100)

How Many Page/Site Views do I Need to Make my First £100? ($100, €100)

While it's not a limit or even a goal, I chose £100 ($100, €100) as the target for this question so that its easier to round off numbers. But ironically the numbers are very little to do with the answer to this very question! Let me explain...

While I wish I had better news for you there really isn't any ‘magic’ formula where 'X' amount of traffic equals 'Y' amount of Adsense revenue. As I have said many times, but especially in my post "Content Quality Has Very Little to Do With Adsense Earnings" it's not about the numbers of page views or site visitors you get, it's their intention when they get to your blog or site! If they are planning on buying something and coming to your site for a review or opinion they are much more likely to click on an ad for it.

But putting numbers behind an answer makes things a little easier to understand. so what I say is as long as you are getting your £100 ($100, €100) with less than 250,000 page views you are doing OK. But I also know of sites that can earn that same £100 ($100, €100) with less than 5,000 page views!

What I say is as long as you are enjoying what you are writing or making videos about it shouldn't matter how much money you make. Sure, we all wish to make millions from Adsense, but it's much more likely we will make that first £100 ($100, €100) over a long period of time. As long as you learn better Adsense Tips and make the best content you can, I promise you the amount you earn can only go upwards.