Is It Possible to Make Money With Adsense Using Only Google Ads?

Is It Possible to Make Money With Adsense Using Only Google Ads?

Put simply the answer to this question in one word is "NO", but that is not the whole story of this money making myth, because once upon a time it was a genuine online business model! But what about these days? Is it still possible to make money this way? And if so...then how!? I will do my best to answer these and many other questions relating to this interesting money making idea...

How was it done? 

Sadly we do have to go all the way back to 2005 for this money making method to work. You see when Adsense first started out you could get link/ad clicks for mere pennies! So people would set up affiliate links on pages to earn money from them, as well as backing up the site with Adsense so those who didn't click on any of the affiliate ads still earned the site money which was probably less than the cost of sending them there, but those who brought the affiliated products and services topped this amount up. This meant the more traffic they keep sending to their sites, the more money they made!

But soon Google Ads (it was called Adwords back then) started to be able to target people better and in return, it cost more money to place the ads. In fact, Adwords prices are still growing today meaning more money for us Adsense publishers (and a lot more for Googles pockets.) So by the end of 2006 the last few keywords that this method worked on were out priced. So sadly while it is true that it once worked it no longer does.

Some people claim it still works!

Some people claim it still works!

Don't get me wrong, there are hundreds of skilled online marketers and Google Ads experts that make thousands every week just by placing ads to affiliate services and affiliate products, but only using only affiliated links because Adsense policy means they can't have Ads and a site dedicated to the Affiliate market. So yes they make money using Google Ads, but NOT in conjunction with Adsense.

Why I believe its still possible to use this method!

While I don't think there is a method of only using Google Ads to send traffic to your site there is a good case for using Google Ads to send a little more traffic to your site, especially if you have a signup box and a good CTR on those subscribers. But you would have to be thinking long-term for this method to bear any fruit. While most of us YouTube channel owners and bloggers won't benefit from this, there are some larger channels and sites that might. In fact, when it comes to YouTube T-Series was recently caught advertising on PewDiePie's channel to get more views of their own!

But could this method and a few selected keywords bring in automated earnings? No, but some people do see Google Ads as an investment for more subscribers, more blog readers and hopefully bigger Adsense revenue in the end. As part of a marketing strategy, Google Ads are perfect for quick targeting, but for most of us, their high costs and complicated pricing structure means they will forever remain nothing more than a mysterious site where ads are made.

Have you heard of this method? If you have do let me know your thoughts in the comments box below.