Why Does Right Side-Bar Ads Get More Clicks Than a Left Side-Bar Ads?

Which is best for Adsense? A Left Side-Bar or a Right Side-Bar?

Anyone who has ever done any A/B Ad Testing on side-bars knows it is the right side-bar that gets more clicks! And the answer to why is pretty simple. But also it doesn't mean you should instantly switch the side your side-bar is on, it just means you get a lot more Desktop traffic than mobile! How would I know that? Because I have tested this myself over several years...

Roughly just 12% of the world is left-handed and less than 1% is truly ambidextrous!

Let's get the most obvious reason right side-bar ads get more clicks out of the way. Its because most people are indeed right-handed and move the mouse with their right-hand meaning they do tend to stay over that side. But some people with left side-bars notice very little increase in ad revenue when they change the side-bars location and that's because of the growth in mobile site viewing.

The Thumb Reach of an Average 6 Inch Smartphone (Held with a single hand)

Its all about that "thumb reach" and if done right on a mobile the ads will always be within reach of half the screen (see image above) but that doesn't mean the top half, it just means the thumb mostly reaches over all the screen meaning if you have a good mobile theme with responsive ads people will always be able to easily click on them, but not necessarily the top ads, more the middle or bottom ones (like those in a side-bar on a mobile theme). So with a good mobile theme and responsive ads you really shouldn't see any change in swapping the location of the side-bar. But on desktop its a whole different ball game!

Unless you have a small tablet or PC screen you will tend to stay the side your mouse is located. So if you are right handed you will spend more time on websites with the cursor on the right-hand side of the screen. And then obviously if you are left-handed you will tend to spend more time on the left. Please note that most people will stay just off centre in this location and not necessarily all the way over one side, just off centre on the side their mouse is being moved.

So what I am getting at is those of us with higher amounts of desktop traffic really can benefit from having a right-handed side-bar, but not necessarily a lot of difference. But let's face it, these days EVERY PENNY COUNTS when it comes to Adsense so if you do still get a lot of desktop traffic, try some A/B testing for a month or so and see what the increase/decrease is. I think the results might well surprise you. But if you have mostly smartphone traffic, you won't notice any difference at all and it was pointless you reading this post! But I appreciated you doing so anyway.