Adsense Alternatives: Using The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Using The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

While some people see Amazon Associates as a side program to use in conjunction with Google Adsense it can also be used as a full alternative. Not only can you sign up to your own countries Amazon Affiliate program, there is also the option to use other countries and earn money from people no matter where in the world they are located! But it is a viable alternative to using Adsense? Here is my opinion...

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Things I like about Amazon Associates...

What I love most about Amazon is that they are good at their job which means the rate at which you get a sale from the links/banners and promotions you do for them gives you a great return, in fact, I would go so far as to say the conversion rate is 2-3% high than any Google Adsense category I have ever used, including remarketing banners! My average conversion rate with Amazon Associates is 6.94% and the same from Google Adsense is just 4.11%. While this number obviously fluctuates it is still surprisingly higher.

Just some of the Amazon Associates Tools

It's not just the fact that Amazing can sell well, it's also that people trust them and they have pretty much any product anyone could ever ask for and this means there is always something interesting and fitting to talk about and promote no matter what category of site or blog you have. Apple once said "there is an App for that", but Amazon's logo should be "there is a product for that". With all the tools like SiteStripe, The Publisher Studio, easy to use link builders and even official Wordpress Plugins for adding links! There are so many ways to integrate links and ads into your site instead of Adsense that it's probably easier to use Amazon Associates!

What I don't like about Amazon Associates...

Amazon Associates Commission Rates 2018

Where do I even start on what I hate about it! Sadly there is quite a lot. The first has to be the super-low commission amounts on various categories. From just a few per cent down to nothing at all for gift-cards and most own-brand wines! This is not good at all especially if you blog in those chosen categories. Heck, even video games and consoles are only a fixed standard program fee rate of %1!!!

But its the 24 cookie length that really makes it hard to earn from it. Basically, people have to buy something from your link within just 24hrs which means they will mostly buy impulse products rather than actually needed items like TV's or a new Smartphone.

My personal opinion of Amazon Associates...

While it didn't work for me personally to use Amazon Associates as a full alternative to Google Adsense I could easily see people doing so and still earning a great return from it. My best advice is to try and experiment with only using Amazon Associates ads only at Christmas time. November, December is a crazy time for anyone using Amazon Associates and you might earn a lot more from it than Adsense, but as a full-time replacement, I personally can't suggest it.


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