What Can You Really Do if YouTube Disabled Your Adsense Account?

What Can You Really Do if YouTube Disabled Your Adsense Account?

It's the worse thing in the world that is like an axe hanging over everyone and anyone's heads who use Adsense for a YouTube channel or blog. So what is the truth? Is there really anything you can do when your Adsense account gets disabled? First of all, there is no point blaming YouTube because while the two companies might be owned and operated by Google they are separate things and need to be addressed as such. While your Adsense account might be disabled, your YouTube channel might still be live and while your YouTube channel has been taken down your Adsense account might be OK! So when it comes to your Adsense account being disabled, concentrate on communicating with Adsense NOT YouTube to get the matter solved quickly.

Own up to it!

I'm going to say something a lot of other sites won't. There are a LOT of silly people out there who think they can cheat Adsense and get people to click on their ads or even worse is doing it themselves, then they claim innocence whenever Adsense shut them down. If you HAVE clicked on your own Ads, or maybe you have asked someone else to do it then OWN UP TO IT! Google is not daft and the shared data between their various platforms means anyone trying to cheat the Adsense system will get caught out in the end, its just a matter of time. So if you are guilty, just take it on the chin and learn from your own mistake.

Are you sure it has been disabled? 

One of the first things to do from getting an Email from Adsense telling you your account has been disabled is to check it was the REAL Adsense team, so don't click on any links within the email just log straight into your account. It might be a simple case of a video or page violation and if so your account will still be active, so make sure it is dead before shooting the blame guns!

How can you appeal a bad decision? 

If you feel it is Adsense in the wrong and not yourself then you might want to fill in a "Policy violation appeal" which I warn you now, does take several weeks to get back to you, but if you are indeed in the right it might be your best chance. Sadly a lot of appeals do get rejected so do make sure that you are indeed in the right before you appeal. Pleading ignorance to the Adsense terms and conditions is NOT an excuse and by doing so will result in you just wasting your time.

Try to have a backup plan!

Try to have a backup plan!

Can you really have a backup plan on YouTube when it comes to your account being terminated? The answer is yes, you can! As soon as you are offered do consider signing up to a YouTube channel network as they are separate to Adsense. Then, if they decided you ban you for some random reason you will always have Adsense to back you up. Also do consider other ways of making money on YouTube like Patreon, Paypal tips and even Amazon Affiliate to earn a few pennies.

At the end of the day, if you stay within the terms and conditions of Adsense you shouldn't have a problem...EVER! But if you do get banned for whatever reason do look in the mirror and ask yourself if you did something, anything wrong because as I said above ignorance is NOT an excuse and not owning up to it is a complete waste of time. While I am willing to say there are times when Adsense themselves do indeed make mistakes, they are often rectified quickly and without issue. So above all, don't panic, appeal and keep making content in the meanwhile.