What Content Consistency Rewards the Most Adsense?

What Content Consistency Rewards the Most Adsense?

While there is no "Golden Consistency" amount there is a minimum amount that both YouTube and Google rankings seem to prefer. Please note that there is no preference of content consistency that Adsense itself prefers, but YouTube and Google do have one and that means rankings, which means more page/video views, which then means more of that lovely Adsense revenue.

So What Is the Lowest Content Amount to Post Per Week?

To make sure you are being consistent with your videos or blog posts the golden minimum is anywhere between 2-3 content posts per week and then market them as heavily as possible on the social media channels. If this is not possible, maybe try posting whenever you can, but refreshing and updating older blog posts, or resharing that older video on social media. Even if that means just posting a community post on YouTube, or a few Tweets to keep your regular views and readers happy. Sadly, anything less than 1 or 2 a month will result in a significant drop in both readers and returning subscribers.

So What Is the Maximum Content Amount to Post Per Week?

The truth is, there is no maximum! Some people post 5 or 6 videos a day, write 10-20 blog posts and even post on social media like its going out of fashion! While making the best content you can should always be your main goal, there really isn't any limits on how much of that "good content" you can post. Maybe read my post "Content Quality Has Very Little to Do With Adsense Earnings".

So there you go! Do try to keep up just a few posts a week, but don't see that as a limit or a bare minimum, see it as posting enough content to make sure your fans know you are still alive. If you have been consistent in the past, they will expect it in the future and if you suddenly are not so constant anymore without giving them any explanation its no wonder they will give up waiting for new videos and that new blog post you promised on Tweeter a few weeks ago. Being consistent in your own set consistency levels is the key to great content creation, good rankings and of course great Adsense earnings.


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  2. Hi suryansh. Sorry to hear you are having issues. Please take no offence from this as I am only trying to see your site from Adsense approval eyes. The fake social media numbers are pointless when they are not real and there is no contact page. Also having zero followers on Google Plus can't help. While your content seems good the level of site trust seems low. I would remove all social media links and add a contact page. But this is just my opinion and in no way guarantees you will get approval. Its just what I personally would do.


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