Why Adsense Fraud is a Major Problem for Google...and You?

Why Adsense Fraud is a Major Problem for Google?

Here is a question for you. How does Google know a human has seen an ad and not a bot? The truth is they don't and that is a big problem. In a recent news story, Google announced that it managed to stop a $10 Million Fraud ad-bot from scraping ads and sites for their owner's gains. So is it really that hard for Google to tell who is human and who isn't?

The first problem they have is what it means to see an ad in the first place. If you are not logged into a site or running in incognito mode Google doesn't know who you are and generally shows a generic ad based on the site content you are looking at (IE - Not Personalised). But if that ad doesn't interest you then you won't click on it. So what is the difference between that situation and a site/app bot viewing the ad? Sadly the answer is nothing. So how did Google stop this giant Ad fraud from carrying on? While they are never going to tell you how they cottoned onto this fraud the answer is probably down to similarities in clicks and Adsense revenue between the apps involved.

It's like all those strange people out there who think its OK for them to click on their own ads and get friends to do the same because they used a different smartphone or PC to click on those said ads. That and bulk buying traffic from sites like Fiver, its pure madness but yet people do it! Every single week Adsense and of course Google gets smarter and smarter when it comes to detecting fraud. From cross analysing site data to more exact IP detection. But why should you care about some daft people committing ad fraud?

Because it is bots and ad clicking networks that are keeping you from earning even more Adsense revenue. The better Adsense gets at detecting who is human the more they can charge for the ad in the first place and that means more money for you. Sadly there will always be people trying to cheat the Adsense system, but making sure your traffic is legit and your site free from Adsense policy violations means you have nothing to worry about. But like everything in life, there is always one who thinks they can get away with it...but it seems Google might soon be shutting them down as well.