Which Is The Best Ad Style To Choose For My Website?

Which Is The Best Ad Style To Choose For My Website?

If you go into your Adsense account and click on "Ad Styles" there are a number of different sample ad styles to choose from. But which ones are best? Which one is right for your blog/site? While every site is different and every person likes different things there are certain Ad styles that seem to perform better than others. Not only will I discuss which ones are best, but I Will also be getting into why they are...

So Which Is The Most Successful Ad Style?

From the start, you have your basic Sample Ad Styles: Default (this is what you are probably showing), Colourful, Dark Blue Reverse, Minimalist, Neon, Notepad, Prestige, Splash of Colour, Classic, Classic Grey, High-Contrast Black, High-Contrast White and lastly Modern White.

The simple rule for picking the best Ad style is for sites with white backgrounds to pick complimentary colours, so from the list of sample styles something like Minimalist, Classic Grey or maybe the High-Contrast White or Modern White. Then for sites/blogs with darker/picture backgrounds to contrast them. So something like Prestige, Neon and even High-Contrast Black. While you can of course make your styles those "samples" I gave should give you a good idea of what style to aim for.

Blend Ads for Better CTR's

When you have a text link in your post/page going internally or externally what colour is it? Is it blue like most peoples or maybe something else. Well, picking the same colour for the clickable links in the ads helps blend the ads into your site theme. So if its blue pick the same shade blue. It's its red, pick the same colour red.

Sure, these tips mostly apply for text ads, but text ads are still a massive part of your Adsense revenue and shouldn't be overlooked. Making an ad style that blends into your site, but also keeps the ads apparently does require some work and effort, but once you get the theme right you can at least save it. Is it worth doing? For those of us with larger Adsense accounts then yes, but unless you are pulling in £200+ a month you sadly won't notice much difference and its probably not worth the effort. But if you do earn over that amount every penny, every click counts so it's worth taking a little bit of time to make them blend in a little more.