What Blogging Niche Earns the Most Adsense Revenue?

What Blogging Niche Earns the Most Adsense Revenue?

While there is no secret blogging niche that will earn you tons of Adsense revenue there are some blogging categories that earn more than others. For this post, I thought I could show you the top 5 highest earning blog categories and what makes them earn more than others...

Wellbeing and Mental Health

This is one of the fastest growing blog niches when it comes to overall Adsense revenues and yet, it is still the one category that isn't overcrowded. People who have been blogging in this niche for years are only just now starting to see their sub counts and Adsense revenue increase. If there is one blog category that might be worth an investment of your time, it has to be this one.

Beauty and Fashion

This is without the shadow of a doubt the most crowded blogging category out of all of them. With new blogs starting every day this is a niche that requires the most work, the most time and the most effort. But...the rewards for getting noticed and getting a good social media presence can be MASSIVE! With high paying PPC's and large branding targeting, this niche probably has the highest marketing spend of any of them, but it's not easy to grab a piece of it.

Food and Drink

I personally have a few blogs in this niche and let me tell you they are indeed my biggest Adsense earners. Any professional chef will tell you "good food sells itself" and when it comes to food and drink advertisements they are often too tasty not to click on them. With this blogging category, you will need to be not only original, good with a camera and detailed in your descriptions. But you also need to keep people subscribed by constantly offering them tip-bits of recipes and products for free. This is far from being the hardest blogging category to write in, but it is the one that requires a big personality to pull off properly.

Health and Fitness

This is often a very profitable niche because readers tend to subscribe to these types of blogs a lot more meaning they have higher readership levels then many of the other blogging categories you can start. These high page reviews and lower bounce rates are the reason this category earns the big bucks. The only problem with this category is you need to work incredibly hard to get noticed and indeed stay relevant. Don't expect to become a millionaire overnight! But do expect long-term work and commitment to pay off big time.

Travel and Holiday

While this is indeed one of the most crowded blog niches you can start off in, it is also the one that time and time again proves to be the highest earning when it comes to Adsense revenue. Maybe its because people are already looking for a nice holiday when they come across these posts or maybe it's advertisers showing them a good deal on flights and accommodation. Whatever the reason it earns more than any other, but it also the hardest to get into. This niche requires a real flair for both a good picture and the ability to perfectly capture the mood of a place. Oh and like all these categories it also requires a tonne of commitment and self-investment.

What Niche is your blog in? If you do have one why not leave the URL in the comments below to promote yourself and show off your blogging skills.