Does the Domain hosting Site you Choose Really Affect your Adsense Revenue?

Does the Domain hosting you choose really affect your Adsense revenue?

If you read enough Adsense tips posts you will soon come across the old "bigger Domain hosting sites like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc offer better Adsense CPC's"! I mean seriously. do people even believe this rubbish?  Sure, the keyword in your domain URL might affect it, but not the hosting company itself! Heck, even the domain TLD doesn't affect your Adsense! But some people will indeed believe this then wonder why they change domain hosting, only to receive the same or even lower Adsense revenue.

The truth is you need to concentrate on the content you are producing before anything else. While it doesn't have to be the "High-Quality Content" everyone tells you it needs to be, it does have to be the relevant content to the term people might search for. (See my post: Content Quality Has Very Little to Do With Adsense Earnings).

Sadly every site is different and the ways people earn from Adsense is also different, but learning all the Adsense tips you can is the best way to earn as much as you can. Not every Adsense tip on this site will help you, but some of them might. Its all a matter of taking all the information (even the myths like this one) and learning what works and what doesn't for your site.


  1. I am abhi rana I tweet adsense but adsense not reply me my blog
    On blogger I work on our blog from many month but I open the earning tab it show
    We are working setting you up please help meci hope adsense approve my blog

  2. Whenever I look for you blog it says "blog not found" Are you thinking of going self-hosting then?


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