3 Great Reasons to Increase Your Own Payment Threshold!

3 Great Reasons to Increase Your Own Payment Threshold!

There will be many of you wondering why on earth you would do such a crazy thing, but for this post, I hope to give you 3 great reasons to do it. Sure, it might sound like the craziest thing you will ever do with your own Adsense account, but there are some good reasons to do just that...

How to Adjust Your Payment Threshold or Schedule

Saving For Something

Are you sick of only getting a little bit of Adsense money every month? Why not save those little bits up so you can get yourself something nice! Maybe a new TV, a new camera or smartphone, or maybe even for a holiday. There are loads of greats reasons to save your Adsense money especially for those of us who tend to spend it before it has even turned up in our accounts!

Bragging Rights

Here is a little fact for you to sink in your brains. Some smaller YouTubers will often "Fake" their own Adsense earnings! You know, the type of braggers who love to show off how much they have earned at the end of the month in a special "Adsense Earings Reveal Video". Well...let me tell you that some of them fake the amounts they are getting! Yes, they show their Adsense cheques off, but they have set a higher payment threshold so it looks more impressive when they get it! I know of at least a few YouTubers that have done just that and its kind of genius if you think about it. You get epic bragging rights and technically you are not lying!

Christmas Bonus

Why settle for little bits of Adsense earnings throughout the year when you could schedule a single payout at the end of the year! Just make sure you do it for the November Adsense release, not the December one as it will be far too late then. Consider it a small savings club (that doesn't offer any bonuses or interest).

I'm sure there are loads of other great reasons to set the Adsense Payment Threshold higher, but these are the best reasons I could come up with and know that a few people have done.  But I would love to know what you think about the Minimum Adsense Payment Threshold, do you think its too high? Too low? Let me know in the comments below.