Is Google Adsense Evil? And is it ALWAYS Listing?

Is Google Adsense Evil? And is it ALWAYS Listing? 

Talk about a strange thing to say about a company whose sole goal in life is to serve the best ads it can so it gives the publishers and the advertisers the best of both worlds. But yet...people still say it, people still make blog posts and videos trying to prove Adsense is always listening and always trying to rip you off. Well today I will do my best to prove otherwise and while I am well aware Adsense could improve (especially when it comes to customer service) it is nowhere near verging on evil.

Adsense Doesn't Care

While I did explain about the lack of customer support in my post "Why Doesn't Adsense Have Live Chat" people still do pick on the fact that they get their Adsense accounts banned for seemingly no reason. While I did cover most of those things in the previously mentioned post I will just add that they do indeed care about BOTH us publishers and their Advertisers who money they are forever trying to justify. So when an issue comes up about "possible" invalid click activity or fake traffic or even inappropriate content displaying the ads they need to shut that down before an advertiser calls them up about it! Being protected comes from both ends of the scale and 9 times out of 10 when an Adsense account is banned, but yet there really isn't anything wrong the ban is soon rectified and yes that is regardless of their size of earnings.

Adsense Revenue Is Getting Less and Less

There is some part of this that is true and some wrong. The part that is false is that CPC (Cost Per Click) is getting lower when in fact it is going up! Year on year, as Adsense get better and better at serving you ads the overall CPC across most categories is constantly on the rise. But what is true is that sites/blogs/YouTube Videos are earning less and less, but not because of what Adsense is paying, its because it's getting harder and harder to get those clicks! Also, the tracking of a click is a lot better these days, years ago anyone who got a click was given the amount per click regardless of the target and intent of the click. It was set amounts per click. These days it's more about what a person does after the click that earns you the most money.

Adsense is ALWAYS listening!

I am of course talking about the viral video "Is Google always listening" where someone talks about pet products and suddenly ads start to appear for pet-related products! Surely this proves Adsense is evil right!? It's because the Ad the person first clicked on was a multi-category target ad. It contained lots of different things, but the thing he clicked on was of course the ad for pet products. Then, as he went to the first site and viewed some "pet-related products" the Adsense system instantly changed most the other ads he views to remarketing ads for the same related products. It's not because Adsense was listening, its because Adsense is good at what they do and can get better CTR's (click through rates) than any other Ad network by using such tools as remarking ads. They were never "listening", the Adsense algorithm was just learning!

While I will be the first to say Adsense isn't perfect you have you get your facts straight before you go pointing the finger of blame. Sometimes they do get things wrong and do accuse people of wrongdoing when they really haven't done anything. And sometimes they are bang on the money when it comes to the finger of blame. Sure, it is indeed getting harder and harder to make money from Adsense, but that just means you have to get smarter with your Ad placements and content keywords.


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