How Do You Make Your Own Adsense Ads?

How Do You Make Your Own Adsense Ads?

Fancy making your own Adsense Ad and getting people to visit your site instead of someone else's? Once upon a time that was a pretty complicated process, but these days its a lot easier and quicker to do just that...

So how do you make Adsense Ads?

The first thing to do is to understand that Adsense is the publisher side of things meaning it is the place people choose to display those said ads, but all the Ads you see while using Adsense are made with Google Ads. This paid for clicks service was once a pretty complicated process, but these days you can knock up a few display ads and start advertising within minutes!

Google Ads Main Page

All you need to do is to click on "Campaigns" and click the little "+" icon and select "New Campaign"

Choose the type of Ad you wish to make

Then you just need to choose what your end goal is. Is it more sales? More marketing leads or maybe its just some more site traffic. For this example, I will choose "Website Traffic"

Then you have to pick a campaign type. Is it a "search ad" (appears in search results) a display ad "appears on blogs, sites and other locations" or maybe its a "shopping ad" that makes it appear in the Google Shopping feed and in search results. Finally, there is "Video" ad. This will help you reach and engage on YouTube as well as various other video sites across the web. For this example, I will pick "display".

You then need to choose a campaign subtype but do bear in mind that this selection can’t be changed later. You can choose from a "standard display campaign" or maybe a Gmail Campaign" for this example I will pick "standard display campaign".

Then under this section, you will have a URL link where you will place the end goal of your site.

And that is where I will end this short introduction to making an Adsense ad because at the end of the day this is an Adsense tips site and getting into Google Ads is a whole different ball game. But it really is pretty self-explanatory from this point onwards.

While there are many other Ad making networks you can choose besides Google Ads, it is by far the easiest with the best results.

So why would you make your own ad? Maybe to get more views on a particular video or try to get some new site subscribers, whatever the reason just make sure you are aware of your total spend as it can get quite expensive.