Why Did I Just See a Massive Drop in Adsense Earnings?

Why Did I Just See a Massive Drop in Adsense Earnings? 

If you are an Adsense publisher for a few years you will soon start to realise that massive fluctuations in your Adsense earnings happen on an almost monthly bases.  From changes to the Google Search algorithm to the time of the year, these are just a few of the reasons why you might have seen a large drop in Adsense earnings...

Time of The Year

Anyone who has been working with Adsense long enough will eventually see the end of Christmas shopping hit you like a bomb. From bumper CPC's too crazy Page RPM's they are riding high and all of a sudden a few weeks into December (just before Christmas)...BANG! The earnings drop like a stone and that is because people have all they want from the online stores and won't risk buying much more because it might not turn up in time. Don't worry though because this soon picks up again in the New Year sales.

Google Search Algorithm Changes

If you have experienced an unseasonal drop in Adsense earnings it could be because of a change in site traffic caused by a change in the Google search algorithm. Unless you keep a firm eye on your keyword rankings and Google Analytics you might not notice it and 9 times out of 10 this is the reason for that said drop in earnings and it sucks.  Sadly there is very little you can do, just try and make your SEO as good as you can is the best advice I can give you.

Invalid Activity

While you might not have been given notice of anything there might be something wrong with your Adsense account like suspected invalid click activity. It is always worth checking into your Adsense account every few days just to check for notifications or possible experiments to perform.

Theme Change/Plugin Update

If like me you use preset Wordpress themes as well as Ad Placement programs you might want to keep an eye on what is happening to them, After every theme update and every plugin update just give your site a quick view across the usual display platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet) to make sure it looks OK and the ads are showing up where you want them.

While there are probably hundreds of other reasons you might have seen a drop in Adsense earnings these few listed here should cover most peoples problems. Just remember to stay calm and if possible have some backup ads to show if things have gone south.

Have you ever seen a drop in Adsense earnings? If so what do you think the reason was?