Pro Tip: More Comments Means More Adsense Revenue!

Pro Tip: More Comments Means More Adsense Revenue!

Did you know the more comments you get on a post the more Adsense revenue it will earn? While it is indeed true when I say more comments equals more Adsense revenue its not the whole story. It's all about SEO and the amount of content in a post...

More Comments = More Content

Even from that opening line, you might be seeing where I am going with this post. You see, the comments in any post are counted as on-page content by Googles algorithm. So if you have a 500-word post, but have 500 words in the comment from various people that means your post has 1000 words! And that is where Adsense comes into it. Because the more keywords and relevant content a post has, the more likely it is to appear higher up in the search page. That, in turn, means more of that beautiful Adsense revenue because more people will be visiting your post!

How To Get More Comments

While it sounds too simple to be true the best way to get more comments is by giving people a reason to comment! Ask questions at the end of the post, ask them for thoughts, opinions or even a comment to let you know they read it. Why not offer a giveaway where you ask people to comment in order to be entered into the competition.

Reply to ALL Comments

Remember what I said? The more comments, the more content? Well, that also counts in your own replies to comments! In fact, when it comes to comment count numbers most comment plugins count your reply as a comment as well, so one comment and one replay is counted as 2 comments! What if you slipped in a few nice keywords and longer comments into those replies! Yep, you are starting to see the benefit of them now eh!.

OK, so the number of comments (or lack of them) doesn't relate directly to Adsense, but it is linked to SEO and SEO and Adsense are basically bed partners. So please do leave a comment below because a quick comment is worth a lot more than mere words.