How Do I sign up for Adsense Using a YouTube Channel?

How Do I sign up for Adsense Using a YouTube Channel?

While this might seem like a pretty simple question there are many people out there who simply don't know or find it just plain confusing. This step-by-step guide will aid you in not only getting your account ready for monetisation but also getting you ready for using Adsense for all sorts of other things...

Creator Studio in the YouTube Dashboard

The first thing to do is goto "Creator Studio" and from then click on the "Channel" tab on the left-hand side.

The Channel Tab in the YouTube Dashboard

The image above is what you should see on the screen. From this point what you are looking for is the box marked in red, this is the "Monetization" box. From the first time you see this box, it might ask you to "Choose your country location" which of course you should do.

Then once you have done that you can enter some channel keywords that best represent your channel's content. The best thing to do is use base categories here. So blogging, vlogging, fashion, SEO something like that.

Then under that is the strange option to turn most of your money making ads off! Its called "Disable Interest-based Ads" and it turns off personalised adds which will result in a large drop in revenue. So best leave that on. The rest should be left on by default, but I do suggest adding your "Google Analytics property tracking ID" if you have one.

So, after all, that is the point when you should go back to the start again. Select "Channel" tab on the left-hand side and now the monetization box should say "Enable". You need to click this.

Apply for monetization on YouTube

Once you do that you should be presented with the screen above. It should say "Apply for monetization" at the top of the page. The thing you need to do is to click the word "Start" under the "1" line and this is what should appear...

All you need to do is to read through the page (like anyone actually does, they just scroll to the bottom of the page) then click tick the 3 boxes and select "I Accept".

YouTube Terms of service

It's at this point you will need to sign up for Adsense or sign into a pre-made Adsense account. Then choose your monetization preferences. Its easier to click all click-tick boxes and click save. Then all you need to do is to pass the YouTube monetization threshold of 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers. (see here how to get this limit ASAP).

And that is all you need to do! The rest is done automatically and will also be automatically removed should you fail to reach that goal the next year. So keep the content flowing and the sub count rising and you should be well on your way to make a small fortune with YouTube and Google Adsense.

If you have any questions about any of the steps above do let me know in the comments below.