Why Does It Take So Long For Adsense Approval?

Why Does It Take So Long For Adsense Approval?

This is a question that seems to pop up more times than you might think, because to some people they want to get varied and start earning ASAP! So why on earth does it take Adsense so long when their own guidance advice tells you "Adsense approval usually occurs within 24 to 48 hrs" but let me tell you that is utter rubbish. While only Adsense themselves know the real reason it takes so long  I have a few ideas myself (please note: I am not trying to make excuses for the lack of transparency from Adsense, I am merely thinking of reasons why it might take so long)...

2 Days, Too Little

If you ask me telling people it can take as little as 24 hrs it crazy talk, but even telling people it takes 48 hrs is daft. Heck, even 1 week would be pushing things! Typically most people have to wait at the very least two to three weeks and at most, it can months and months! By making sure you have good organic traffic and at least 20 articles or pages indexed is the best way forward. While not easy for some people to comprehend it is often better to carry on making the best content you can instead of worrying when the last lot of content you made will be monetized.

Sheer Numbers

If I had to guess why Adsense takes so long to approve a new Adsense application it's because of the sheer amount of people who apply each and every day. While the exact amount of applications and rejections are unknown I can only guess it is in the thousands each and every day, especially when it comes to new YouTube Channels. While not all sites and new YouTube channels will be human reviewed, there will be a small percentage that are and that must take a fair old while.

Back Log

While this is just a guess you might imagine the delay in Adsense application responses could be down to a MASSIVE back-log in applications! This happened to a website directory called DMOZ. It was so inundated with applications from sites to go onto their website that they shut the whole thing down in the end! Maybe, just maybe Adsense wasn't prepared for the massive growth in Adsense content creators all wanting their work monetised.

Adsense Fraud

We have already learned that Adsense fraud happens and can sometimes happen on a massive scale! So imagine all the tests they need to do to check every site and new YouTube channel is getting their viewing numbers from legitimate sources. From seeing where the traffic is coming from, to seeing if there are any patterns in the viewing numbers that seem off. While I guess this is probably down to a test algorithm there is still probably some points where a human needs to clap eyes on it.


While this might link with the sheer amount of applications as well (see above) it could be down to a lack of staff to perform all the tests that they need to. We all know Adsense could do more to be transparent and helpful, but the amount of staff they would need to employ would probably be in the thousands!

Well...that is all the excuses I could think of and I guess we will never know what the real reason is for the massive amount of delays. All I do know is that you can help your Adsense application go a lot faster, by applying later on in the life of your blog or channel. If you have larger numbers backing it up as well as full Google Analytics integration you are sure to be approved a lot faster. In fact, I regularly hear of people still getting approval in the time frame Adsense suggests! So maybe the bottom line is more information from Adsense is needed, or maybe higher approval stats in the first place. All I do know for sure is there are a lot of frustrated people out there and some people can get very angry indeed.