Ten Amazing Facts About Adsense You Simply Won't Believe

Ten Amazing Facts About Adsense You Simply Won't Believe

From the history of Google's Adsense to the stats and figures of today's use of it. There are probably hundreds of amazing facts about Adsense that are often hard to believe, but I think I have found ten of the very best of them...

Adsense is over 15 years old!

Yep! It was first launched as a company way-back in June 18, 2003, and back then it was cost-per-action service. But they have since changed that for a much more favourable per-click or per-impression basis

14.3 million websites and YouTube Channels use AdSense!

If you think that is a crazy number try working the maths out that only 11.2 million people have an Adsense account! It seems some people are rather greedy and have several YouTube channels and sites.

Over 16% of all Adwords (Google Ads) account managers refuse to use Adsense!

Its how things work right? People make Ads in Adwords and they appear with Google Adsense! Well...no. Since 2004 Google allowed its advertisers to opt out of the AdSense network because of the low returns it can sometimes offer.

Originally it was called "Applied Semantics"! 

When it was acquired by Google in April 2003 the company was indeed called "Applied Semantics". This company located in Santa Monica, California was a “software applications for the online advertising, domain name and enterprise information management markets.” This was such a great purchase for Google it has been named one of the top 15 tech acquisitions of all time!

Adsense has made more people millionaires than all the lotteries in the world combined! 

Just think of how many times you hear of people winning the lottery. Once a week? A few a month? Well...Adsense turns peoples dreams into reality and while many of the people who are indeed millionaires only started with Adsense and then went into other forms of online marketing, it was still the driving key of success for millions of millionaire content creators.

The worlds number 1 Adsense account earns over $2 million...A MONTH!

Yep! It is owned by Jack Herrick from WikiHow and is thought to get around 40 million page views a month! Seems this blog of mine has a very long way to go!

There is no Age Limit to using Adsense! 

Yep! You can be from 1 -101 and anything in between. While you do need a parent or guardian to submit an application using their name as the payee name if you are under 18 the account can still be in your name regardless of your age!

You might not think you are in control...but you are!

While the basic promise of Adsense is Google selling your advertising space for you, that doesn't stop you from selling it yourself! While I did go into selling your own Ads before its still something most people don't know they can do.

Adsense is less than 30% of all online advertising!

Yep, you might see an ad and think it is run using Google Adsense, but in reality, there are loads of different advertising networks out there! While Adsense is of course the biggest it is often not seen as the highest earning and this means many publishers refuse to use it. In fact, it's not always Adsense ads running in YouTube neither! Sometimes it really is a 3-rd party company.

3.2 BILLION Ads were reported for being a policy violation!

While I couldn't even guess how much that is in lost revenue I have to give fairness to Adsense here as many of them are algorithmically reported by Adsense themselves rather than a human reporting an ad for a policy violation. You see! They don't ways get things right but they are trying.

Well. that is all ten facts, stats and history bits served up! Do you know of any other Adsense facts or stats? If you do please let me know in the comments below as I would love to read them.