Why Do We Always See Ad Seasonality Fluctuations?

Why Do We Always See Ad Seasonality Fluctuations? 

If you get your stats high enough you might start to see a trending pattern throughout the year. Months like January, April, July and even October and known for their low Adsense revenue, but why? What makes these months so special? Its all about those holiday celebrations like Easter and Christmas, but there are indeed things you can do about it...

What are the worse months for Adsense Revenue?

Like I said above months like January, April, July and even October and known for their low Adsense revenue because they are just after various national holidays. Things like Easter, Christmas and even New Years Day can boost your Adsense revenue through the roof, but that doesn't mean everyone suffers from it, in fact...some people hardly notice it!

Is There Anything I Can Do About Adsense Seasonality Fluctuations?

There will be some bloggers and site owners out there that hardly notice any difference month on month! So what is their secret? Its all about staying active and relevant throughout the year. Blog niches like fashion stay on trend and always have something worth buying or something worth buying because they travel and change with the seasons. While even they will also see an increase at Christmas time, throughout the rest of the year they don't see many fluctuations at all.

While not all site owners, YouTubers and bloggers will be able to change with the seasons there are still things you can do to keep the Adsense revenue up. Things like paid social media promotions, Using Adwords and even doubling the amount of content you post can all give you that boost you need during these quiet months. It's just a matter of learning where your own quiet months are.