Change your YouTube Upload Defaults for Even More Adsense Revenue!

Change your YouTube Upload Defaults for Even More Adsense Revenue!

Have you ever been into your channels "Upload Defaults"? If you have you might notice there are a few monetization options in here that not only make uploading a video a little easier but changing the right settings here can also lead to an increase in Adsense revenue! For this article, I will walk you through the best settings to change in the Upload Defaults to maximise your Adsense earnings and increase the visibility of your videos...

YouTube Upload Defaults

I will go through each setting with an aim to make the video as visible as possible and of course earn you the most Adsense revenue. Let's get on with this...

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Privacy"

This is an obvious one...right? You set it to "Public" and ignore it. If you find yourself getting videos demonetised and that dreaded "Yellow" symbol all over then you might want to upload them as "Private" for testing purposes. That way you can make them "Public" once you are sure they are fully monetised. While this is not a full-proof method of making sure your videos stay fully monetised its a pretty good way of testing. While for most of us "Public" is indeed the best option, the others are worth considering, especially if you want to upload them ahead of time.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Category"

The options you have here are... "Cars & Vehicles", "Comedy", "Education", "Entertainment", "Film & Animation", "Gaming", "How-to & Style", "Music", "News & Politics", "Non-Profits & Activism", "People & Blogs", "Pets & Animals", "Science & Technology", "Sports", "Travel & Events". But its sometimes best to put your videos into categories that are not so crowded. So if you have a gaming video and it just so happens to be a "How-To" guide maybe add it to the "How-to & Style" category! This can often lead to new people finding your videos which can also mean more views, which equals more earnings! While you still have to make sure your videos are relevant to the category it is worth having a think about what one it goes into best, especially with vlogs.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Licence"

While the default setting is "Standard YouTube Licence" there is a case to be made at choosing the "Creative Commons - Attribution" option instead! What this often means is people will use your content in other ways or on other sites, but this can lead to more people finding your channel and of course even more Adsense Revenue! Sure, this is only an option if you have your own branding all over the video or a constant branding on-screen, but it's worth considering if you don't mind others using your content.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Title & Description"

To be honest, if your aim is to earn more Adsense these two options need to be left blank. When it comes to the Title & Description of a video each one should be unique and keyword packed. So aim to make a new one for each and every video. Leaving these two Upload Defaults blank will encourage you to do just that.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Tags"

While you should be using unique tags for every video you upload you might want to put just a few channel tags in this box. Something like "Vlogs, Vlogging" or maybe "Top 10, Top Ten". Adding just a few tags here that help people find your channel overall is best, leaving most the room in the tag box for the videos unique tags.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Comments and ratings"

If you want that lovely Adsense revenue these 2 options are best left ticked by default. So people can comment and engage, or indeed see how popular you are. But if you just want to get a message out there or maybe post something more controversial you might want to consider turning these off.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Monetisation, Ad formats, Ad breaks"

Now we get into the important ones (for us Adsense Hunters anyway). While the first 4 options should be on by default it is always worth checking they are indeed ticked. So to earn the most Adsense revenue from each video there needs to be a ticked box next to the following: "Monetise with ads", "Overlay in-video ads", "Skippable video ads", "Sponsored cards" But you might have noticed that I have left one monetization option out...

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Automatic mid-roll ads"

This is the one monetisation option you should leave unticked. As explained in my post "Tips for Making the Best Use of Those Mid-Roll Ads" you need to change these for each video and leaving them on by default could be costing you money. By making sure they are in the right location can see a significant increase in Adsense revenue. So change these for every video you upload.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Video language"

This is one thing that most people should leave, but if you don't speak English you might want to make sure it's in the language you are using. For a small tip, you might want to change this option on individual videos if you are learning a new language or visiting a native speaking place other than English. By spreading your videos to new languages and new countries it can lead to an increase in subs and of course earnings.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Community contributions"

This, of course, should not be ticked on unless there is a reason you would want people to add titles, descriptions and subtitles/CC to your videos.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Caption certification"

This is something best left alone unless you are uploading content from the US and that has been shown on TV, so old TV shows and sporting events. It won't affect your monetization of the video if you choose something other than the default, but it might help people find your content if one of the options applies to your videos.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Suggest video improvements"

This is something I personally turn off, but if you do use the YouTube editor you might want to leave it on. But for most people, it is best turned off.

YouTube Upload Defaults: "Video statistics"

And finally, we have Video statistics which of course is something best left on. This means there are stats for the Video statistics that can be found on the watch page.

Once you have changed what you want to change you just need to MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON IN THE TOP RIGHT! If you don't do this you have changed things for nothing.

And that is what I think are the best YouTube Upload defaults with an aim for more views and of course Adsense revenue. While everyone's channel is different and every video uploaded unique (most of them anyway) these default settings should help you earn the most from all of them. If you like to have different upload defaults please do let me know them in the comments below.