Can You Still Use Google Adsense on a Tumblr Blog?

Can You Still Use Google Adsense on a Tumblr Blog?

While most people will tell you no that is simply not true. For this post, I will go into the truth behind this question, quash some of the myths people often read about it and even tell you how to do it. If you own a Tumblr blog and want to start making money from it, this is the post for you...

So...can you add Adsense to a Tumblr Blog?

The answer is yes you can! But sadly for most Tumblr bloggers, you need a custom domain in order to do it. You can not use but you can use So this means you will need a custom domain in order to do it and this is how you get that from your Tumblr account...

How Do you Buy a Custom Domain With Tumblr?

Sadly Tumblr doesn't make it that easy to use a custom domain for some reason so what you need to do is to buy a custom domain from a site host like (I use them because they are the cheapest) and then simply buy a domain you want to maybe YOURNAMEHERE.COM something like that. Then you need to create a DNS record based on how many levels your custom domain contains. See this chart below...

Using a Custom Domain With Tumblr

And even if you can't do that yourself simply use the live chat feature on or whatever other site host you have chosen to use and ask them for help and guidance. Once this is done you then need to log back into your Tumblr account. Go here: and choose the blog you wish you use the custom domain with. (choose by clicking on the blogs name on the right-hand side under the "blogs" tab. Then you need to click the pencil (edit) icon next to the Username, click on the "Use a custom domain" tab and insert the URL of the domain you have just brought!

Adding Adsense to a Tumblr Blog With Custom Domain

Now you have done that you simply need to sign up for Adsense using your shiny new custom domain URL and wait for approval (see this post for more tips relating to this: How Long Should I Wait Before Applying for Adsense?)  Then once you have been approved its just a matter of adding the Adsense code to your Tumblr blog.

How To Add Adsense Code To a Tumblr Blog

Now, this is where the acronym KISS "Keep it simple, stupid" is best used. The easiest way is to simply use Adsense AutoAds and while I have said to not use them in THIS POST I do think its best used for people who are new to Adsense, especially with a blogging platform like Tumblr.

The Arrow Is Where You Place the Adsense Code

What you need to do is to once again go here: and choose the blog you wish to add the Adsense code to. Then select "Edit Theme" and then on the left-hand side you need to find the "Edit HTML" option and click on it. Once you have done that you simply need to find the line that says <head> and place the Adsense code directly under that line. Not one more line below it and not one single line above and that is all you need to do!

Give it a few days and ads will magically start to appear on your Tumblr blog. While there are obviously easier blogging platforms to do this one at least it is possible unlike what other people might tell you. As always if you need a hand or some advice just let me know in the comments below.