Are AMP's Good or Bad For My Adsense Revenue?

Are AMP's Good or Bad For My Adsense Revenue?

For those who don't know an AMP is an Accelerated Mobile Page and it is supposed to be the fastest way to deliver your content to the user and it is supposed to be great for both SEO and then, in turn, means more Adsense revenue for you. But that is not always the case. Here is what I see as the pros and cons of using AMP's...

The Cons of Using AMP's

Some people see them as Google trying to get a stranglehold on the way people search and this in-turn means they are strangling the content creator. Lots of people have told me how hard it is to not only get the AMP's working properly in the first place but also the difficulties of adding their own Adsense code. Sadly using AMP's also make it easier for Google to see what people are doing on your site and if you have a bad bounce rate they will drop you like a stone in the rankings if you have AMP's or not! Then there is the sharing element to it what means only that page link is shared, not the site link meaning even less traffic per social media share. All I will say is most peoples complaints about AMP's seem to spin from their mistrust of Google, which also means a lot of the complaints are personal opinion based rather than factual. But there are of course some real problems with AMP's that I have lightly covered here. Sadly one of the biggest and sadly truest complaints people have is their Adsense revenue taking a dip as well as the number of page views. But this could well be down to the problems with quality analytics, but to be fair to Google this gets better almost every month.

The Pros of Using AMP's

The truth is AMP's are faster than even the fastest, slickest mobile-friendly websites you will ever see. This increase in speed means visitors will be much more likely to read and engage with the content or make a purchase because they have less time to consider buying something else. One of the other massive benefits is the SEO boost they offer with many people reporting massive increases in Google rankings just by turning them on! Heck, AMP's are even eligible to be displayed in Google’s "Top Stories" carousel!

So what is the truth when it comes to AMP's and Adsense revenue? While I do use AMP's on all my sites because I believe the increase in both rankings and user experience is worth it I will not lie, I have seen a 30-50% drop in Adsense revenue on the sites that have AMP's activated. A lot of this might be down to the lack of Ads support for AMP's but Adsense does now have Adsense Auto Ads code for AMP pages which is great news! But it is far from perfect as I explained in my post about Auto-Ads. If a drop in Adsense revenue concerns you AMP's are not for you, but with both Ezoic mastering AMP ads and even Adsense themselves trying to help all they can the future of AMP use looks bright. Even if you hate Google the use of AMP's might one day be a necessity much like the mobile first indexing, but that is a long way off into the future.