Those Bad Redirects Will Cost You More Adsense Than You Think!

Those Bad Redirects Will Cost You More Adsense Than You Think!

I get it. There are times in life when your website needs a refresh, an update and you decide to get a new theme. I do it myself now and again just to keep the websites and blogs I own looking fresh and compliant with the modern site standards. Whenever I get a new theme I like to make sure all the pages are working and that no links are broken. Then, if there are any redirects to be done I make sure they are kept to a minimum and redirected to the closest relevant page I can find. But some people don't do this. It is called "Lazy Redirects" and most people will redirect all older links back to the main page and then wonder why there was a massive drop in traffic when they launch the new site. It doesn't take a genius to work out these lazy redirects will cost you a lot of Adsense revenue, but it will cost you far more than you think...

Loss of Revenue From Relevant Link

If you don't put in the time to redirect broken inbound links you will often see that said broken link going to a 404 page (see my post: Is your 404 Error Page leaving Ad Revenue on the Table?)  or slightly better the home page. But that broken link going to those 2 locations are not going to earn you any Adsense revenue unless your whole site is relevant to the reason they come there in the first place. It is that lack of relevance that will also harm your Adsense revenue in another way...

Loss of Revenue From Drop in Rankings

If people click away from your site fast because you have taken them to a 404 error page or maybe a home page your bounce rate will skyrocket and that means your content that you show from the link is no longer valid. This will often mean you will drop in rankings and that can also mean a massive drop in Adsense revenue.

Being a site owner I know there are many reasons a broken link or bad redirect might happen, but if you have the right content or even slightly the same content as the inbound link that is broken isn't it far better to redirect it to that page instead? I understand it might take a few days to go through all your links, but losing Adsense revenue is not something any of us content creators want. So make sure you redirect (if you can) and keep an eye on any and all links going to your 404 page. These days every penny counts when it comes to Adsense so why on earth would you leave money on the table for someone else to collect?