What Is Wrong With Buying Adsense Accounts?

What Is Wrong With Buying Adsense Accounts?

You might see people selling Adsense accounts in forums and on sites like Fiverr and Fivesquid. But is it OK to buy them? In this post, I will try to get to the truth of this and discover if it really is against Adsense terms of agreement...

Why Would You Buy One in The First Place? 

Even before I get into the truth behind this question I have been wondering why on earth someone would buy an Adsense account in the first place? The main answer I can come up with is speed. Why wait for approval to join Adsense when you could simply buy an account! But here is my problem with that. Even if you buy the account it doesn't entitle you to use it for YouTube or add the code to a website because all those things need approval. At the end of the day, there is no waiting in Adsense sign up, only for Adsense approval of YouTube channels, apps and sites. So is it all down to these accounts being Pin Verified Accounts? The problem is when it comes time to getting paid you will still be putting in the same details from your banned account and you will still not receive any money. Sure, you could use a different address or bank account, but then you might as well open up a new Adsense account in the first place and save your money!

So is it really illegal to Buy an Adsense account?

OK, so it's not exactly "illegal" but it is an Adsense policy violation and once they discover you are trying to beat the system you won't get a penny (they will most likely stop payment just before the end of the month when it is due to go out) thus it is a waste of your time and money to buy these accounts. This is the official line they will refer you to "You may not resell, assign, or transfer any of Your rights hereunder. Any such attempt may result in termination of this Agreement, without liability to Google."

If you have had your Adsense account banned then you really should be asking why! Not trying to cheat the Adsense signup system that will inevitably fail. If you have been banned maybe consider using an Adsense alternative as there are lots to choose from. Just don't waste your time on these brought accounts, they will only lead to you losing money in some shape or form.