Here Is Why Buying Views on YouTube Is Both Stupid and Pointless!

Here Is Why Buying Views on Youtube Is Both Stupid and Pointless!

You will often find these links in comments on your videos (often in the spam folder) or on cheap marketing sites like Fiver. But what do they offer and what do they do? Today I will go into what they offer, why it is completely pointless for you to use their services and the YouTube and Adsense rules you will be breaking by using this kind of service...

Almost since the beginning of YouTubes life way back in 2005 there have been websites trying to sell innocent YouTubers both extra subscribers and views. Just one quick look around Fiverr and you will find hundreds of these offers if you are crazy enough to purchase them. From just a few hundred views to 1 million views!

Just some of the Youtube view listings on Fiverr

But at these methods really safe? Many of them will break both YouTube terms of service as well as Adsense terms of service meaning you might get your Adsense suspended and your YouTube channel shut down! So now you are probably wondering why there are so many listings for this sort of service and who might use them! To be honest, it is not personal YouTubers who use them the most, it is more often small businesses that think getting a million views on YouTube will skyrocket their small business. Don't get me wrong here, small YouTubers do use them as well and most of the time they use them to boost past the current YouTube Limits. Sure, this is a risk to their channels, but if they are not earning anything currently anyway most of them think "what the hell" and go for it. While I can see the benefits of doing this here is why I redeem these views services to be pointless...

There is a single word that makes 99% of these view services pointless and that is "engagement". A video is not ranked on how many subscribers the maker has, it isn't ranked on the number of views or likes/hates, it is ranked on the engagement that video is getting. With some listing offering up to 1 million views I promise you out of those 1 million views less than 1% will like, comment and subscribe to your channel. Why? Because they are often redirected to your video from somewhere else or told to block click on videos to get views and are NOT interested in what you are posting. This leaves the viewing numbers looking fake and this also makes it pretty easy for Adsense or YouTube to smell the rat.

Does everyone get caught who uses them? No, not even 1%. But how many people have gained real subscribers and seen real engagement from these services? I would like to bet that number is less than 1% as well. It's not rocket science people! Don't use them, they might get your Adsense and/or channel banned and they are totally pointless anyway! Save your money on a small giveaway for the channel or even better use it to promote your channel trailer via Adwords. Sure, you won't get a lot of paid views for the same prices you pay on sites like Fiverr, but they will at least be real and bring you real engagement.