Why Do Some People Get a Delay in Adsense Payments?

Why Do Some People Get a Delay in Adsense Payments?

You might have seen people talking about not getting their Adsense payments for the month yet, while many others are saying they have received it on time just like every other month. The problem here is that we are a global community, especially when it comes to social media and when one person says they haven't received their Adsense payment, then a few more people tweet and post that they haven't received it and suddenly there is a divide with some people claiming they have the others who have not. The reason for this happening is far simpler than you might think...

The first reason some people are seeing a delay is their chosen method of Adsense payment. Some people like it to go into their bank accounts, others have payment centres and some people have cheques sent to them in the post. Most people who have been complaining about the Adsense payment delay are people waiting for cheques and this is why the 2nd reason is so important.

Like I said above, on social media, we feel we are part of a "global community" but in reality that is not true and Adsense creators live all over the world. The problem is in some parts of the world they celebrate national holidays that other parts don't, so in this case it was "Thanksgiving" that caused delays, meanwhile, outside of the US, most people received their Adsense payments (bank payment and cheques) on the same days they do every month.

So that is what that has been happening. A lot of people waiting for an Adsense cheque when the postal services shut down for a few days. Soon afterwards everyone received their payments as normal. So next time you don't get your Adsense payment on time do try and give it at least an extra week to cover any holidays that might be occurring. Just for once this really wasn't Adsense's fault.