The 5 Point Checklist for Getting a Blogger Blog Adsense Approved

The 5 Point Checklist for Getting a Blogger Blog Adsense Approved

While there are no sure-fire ways of getting your blogger blog approved there are things you can do that give your blog the best chance of Adsense approval. This small checklist of 5 things is just a suggestion, a guideline to getting your blog ready for Adsense approval...

Post Count

If you think making just a few posts then trying to get Adsense approval is going to work think again. You should be aiming to have 20+ posts already published and indexed in Google and when you apply for Adsense don't wait until you have approval, just keep making posts and making them as good as you can.

Word Count

While some posts will be short and others long it is best to make sure you have at least 50 words per post and 1000 words per post for an even higher chance of approval. Maybe some pictures and some videos, all sorts of media forms. When it comes to getting Adsense approval the more content you have the better the chances of approval.

Contact Point

For most of us this will be a simple content form on a "contact me" page, but for others, it might be a phone number or even a more established website.  By filling out as much personal data as you can and making that open to your blog readers makes you much more likely to get Adsense approval.

Clean Content

This means no swear words, no adult material, nothing political and nothing that might incite hate towards others. While some blogs do get approval even if they have swear words or more adult-based humour or text, it is best to make your own as clean as you can. Breaking Adsense rules might result in your whole blog getting shut down let alone your Adsense account to stay clean and follow Adsense guidelines as best you can.

Get a domain

While this last one is not necessary it does show how committed you are to your blog. A blog with a domain is unlikely to post anything bad or break Adsense rules meaning it is much more likely to get approval. While this last one does require a small payment if you are that serious about your blogger site you should be willing to invest in a domain for a better chance of it getting approved.

While I could tell you more things to consider I think these 5 things are the best chance of getting Adsense approval. But if you have any tips yourself that I didn't mention here do leave a comment below and help other bloggers out.