Make Sure Your Wordpress Website isn't MFA Only!

Make Sure Your Wordpress Website isn't MFA Only!

If you want to make money using Adsense from your WordPress site most people will go for an MFA (Made For Adsense) WordPress theme. But in truth you should not be using those themes, but which Wordpress theme should you go with then? While everyone's blogs and websites are different here is a few things you should make sure your site theme has instead of being MFA...

Mobile/Responsive Theme

This is the single most important thing to make sure your Wordpress theme has. If it has a good mobile site and works well on most devices you are onto a winner. The rest of the thing son this list can easily be manipulated on a good theme so y making sure it is mobile and tablet friendly you are halfway there to a good theme already.

EZ Ad Code Integration

While I can't suggest anyone goes for a website that is made for Adsense, as a secondary consideration you might want to find out if you can add Adsense code to the header advert or how easy it is to add Adsense code to the sidebar. This does not mean it is made for Adsense, but it works well with code. Again, once you have a good mobile theme you can find ways to insert Adsense code most the time anyway. But if you have that header ad space you should definitely check you can use it as some sites will lock this feature behind a paywall.


Its no good having a fancy looking site if it moves like a 400-tonne oil tanker out to sea. Maybe do some theme speed testing before you activate the theme permanently.  Quickly swapping between themes just to do a speed test. Getting this aspect right is a fine line between having a fast site and having a nice looking site. Only you can tell what level is right for your site.

Before I wrap this post up I will just clarify what I am saying about Wordpress themes that are MFA. These themes usual contain several ad units on a page and even if they are not used it will often slow the site down, let alone the fact that some of them are not exactly mobile friendly. While these tips are just a rough guideline I hope they have been helpful to you. As always, if you have any Adsense related questions you need answering do let me know in the comments below.