Pro Tips: 5 Ways to Make Every YouTube Video Worth Even More!

Pro Tips: 5 Ways to Make Every YouTube Video Worth Even More!

So you have made a really good YouTube video you have posted it and got some good views from it meaning some good Adsense revenue. But what if I told you there are things you can do to make that video worth even more, maybe up to 3 times as much content and even increase Adsense revenue? I bet you would be interested to know how to do it! Well, in this post I will tell you the secrets to making every video you have ever made and posted worth even more...

Video to Text (and back)

If you own a blog of fan-site why not post the transcripts to your videos on it and turn every video you have ever made into a text post. You can then add some Adsense ads to it and make a little more from it. Then, as a bonus you can turn any text posts you have into videos!

Cutting Room Clippings

If like me you make mistakes while filming why not keep hold of them and turn them into a quick-fire montage of mistakes! Not only will it be funny but it could also be a spare video to post when you feel like having a day off from filming. In today's 7 days a week streamers and posters this is one of those tips you really should use more often.


This tip is a lot like the one above only it involves a little more work. If you don't feel like filming one day why not turn some clips into a top 10 list, your "top 5 favourite videos" or "5 times you wished you had done better" video. Spinning old clips like this is called "recycled footage" and is perfect for a quick list video that will often gain more ground than the videos it came from.

Comment Replies

Did you have a video that got a lot of comments? Where some of them bad or even funny? Why not turn some of those comments into yet another video! PewDiePie has been doing that for years along with many other YouTubers so why not do it yourself!

YouTube Community Posts

Have you just posted a video that doesn't seem to be reaching as many subscribers as it normally does? Why not make a community post up and tell them about it! This is great for older videos as well, especially if you are growing subscribers fast and they might not have watched your older content.

While I could probably think of a few more I will put them in another post. Do you have any tips that will make YouTube videos earn even more or help the channel gain subscribers? If you do let me know in the comments below.