Your Older Youtube Videos Could Be Earning More Than You Think!

Your Older Youtube Videos Could Be Earning More Than You Think!

It is the way the average YouTube content creator works. Make the best video content they can, post it, then move on with the next video. But what if I told you those older videos could be earning you a lot more than they currently are! I bet you would want to know how to do it!? Of course you would and this is the secret to earning more from those older videos...

Update Thumbnails

If you have a current theme with your thumbnails why not take the time to update the older ones and give them a lick of YouTube paint. Not only will it make your channels page look a lot neater, but changing YouTube thumbnails will also cause older fans to rewatch those videos because the thumbnail isn't recognisable to them.

Update Titles, Tags and Keywords

This is one of the easiest ways to get more views from older videos. This method of spinning titles works best with "list" channels. Top 10, Top 5, anything like that, just spin the title, maybe add some tags to older videos that don't have any change the main keywords to 2nd keywords. So that old video "top 10 dogs doing backflips" suddenly becomes "Ten Amazing Dogs Doing Incredible Tricks!" Something like that. As long as it isn't clickbait and accurately reflects what the video is all about its all good.

The Redirect Spinner

This last method is so secret only a few top-level YouTube marketers know about it. What you need to do is learn how to redirect a URL you have access to. So something like "" and then you need to place this link on ALL VIDEOS, INCLUDING OLDER ONES with some text before it saying something like this "Check out my new video NOW *Brand New*" then what you do is redirect your owned URL "" to the URL your new video is located at! It doesn't break any Youtube or Adsense rules, you can keep redirecting it you the new channel video you have just made and it can stay the same URL and text on all your videos and you will never have to change it again! Just make sure the URL isn't indexed by Google and that people clearly know what they are going to see when clicking on the link. This method works great for content creators who post just a few times a week rather than once a day.

Do you have any other tips for making use of older YouTube videos? If you do please leave your tips in the comments below.