Reasons Your URL is Not Available for Signing up for Adsense

Reasons Your URL is Not Available for Signing up for Adsense

It is something a LOT of people have seen and almost everyone is confused as to why they are being told this. So today I thought I would look at the main reasons why this has happened. While I can't guarantee this is the exact reasons for everyone who gets the "This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense" message it is the main reasons...

Your URL Might Not Have Suitable Content

So what is classed as "Suitable Content"? Well, apparently it is pretty much anything so long as it isn't adult or political or contains copied content. So as long as the content on your site is original and "family friendly" you should be fine. Its even OK to have Adsense on a religious blog or site, just as long as it is not inciting hate speech.

Your URL is New

So the real question for this one is how long do you need to wait with a new URL before applying for Google Adsense? The truth is it is much more related to the next reason than this one. You can have a new URL that you only brought a few days ago, just so long as the next reason is met.

Your URL Doesn't Have Enough Original Content

This kind of goes hand in hand with the New URL part as seen above. But there are exceptions that a URL (like from a or blog) has loads of content before being transferred to the new domain URL. The best thing to aim for here is at least 30 pages, posts and unique pieces of content. Maybe a contact page and "about me" page if you can come up with one would also help. You shouldn't be in a rush to apply for Adsense, but as I have said if you do have a lot of content before you might get approval almost straight away.

Your URL Has Already Been Banned

If you think applying for a new Adsense account will give you a workaround for the site ban you had you better think again. Sure, I suppose you could change the URL of your site, but the new site might not rank well because the content on it is linked to the other URL. If you have already signed up for Adsense and got yourself banned somehow I suggest you either start a new blog or site or maybe go for an Adsense alternative.

Someone Else Has Claimed Your URL

While this is unlikely to happen you might have signed up with an Adsense account that is long forgotten and this could be a real problem. At the end of the day, you need to confirm the URL is yours so only the site owner can claim it unless there is some serious hacking going on. So if you have already signed up to try and remember the login details.

Like I said at the start of this post this might not cover every single reason you are seeing the error message "This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense" but it should cover most peoples reasons. If you are still not sure why it is happening do leave your URL in the comments below and I will check out your site and tell you why I believe it is happening.


  1. Is it possible for you to check if the site is working at least even written in Japanese?

  2. Yes your site works OK and should be OK for Adsense approval. While I can not guarantee that it seems to tick the right boxes.


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