Turn All Those YouTube Trolls Into Real Adsense Revenue

Turn All Those YouTube Trolls Into Real Adsense Revenue

It doesn't matter if you make the most amazing content in the world, there will always be someone who will smash that thumbs down button and leave a hateful comment. But you shouldn't be blocking these people and you shouldn't be reporting them. You should be encouraging them and for even bigger Adsense gains getting into arguments with them! I know, I know, that doesn't sound like good advice at all. But let me explain...

It all Counts

It doesn't matter if someone enjoys the video or hates the video you have made. Because even if it is getting mostly thumbs down it is still classed as engagement. Every hater, troll and weirdo that turns up on your channel with the sole intention of hating on that video still has to sit through the same ads your true fans have and everytime they comment, or replay to a comment, or read a comment you have made, all of those times a video is viewed, even if its just the ad and they have hit pause. But this positive spin on a negative situation can be even more positive once you get a small army of fans that have your back...

The War of Words

Let us pick an example for this. So let's say YouTube troll "A" goes onto one of your videos and leaves a hateful comment. You should allow this comment and hope your loyal channel fans get into a bit of spat with them. Once someone makes a comment on a reply or multi-person comment then everyone gets a notification of a new replay on that said comment and the whole thing can easily snowball into an extra few hundred views for free.

Now for another example of the same thing lets just say YouTube troll "B" makes yet another hurtful comment, you then allow that comment and maybe express to them how upset you are about it (even if you are not that upset at all.) the chances are good your fans will attack them and get into a real spat with that person! There are hundreds of YouTubers out there that turn these trolls into massive online arguments and in turn, their fans attack the troll and the YouTuber ends up with even more views gained by it!

This small boost in views is not limited to the YouTube trolls of this world, all comments are views and all comments are good (even the bad ones!). So next time you have an influx of hate comments try not to let them get you down and turn that frown upside down! Because you can turn them into even more views and that means even more Adsense revenue.

REMEMBER: If at any time you are not strong enough to flip them around or you feel the conversation is getting too nasty for your own tastes just block them and you will never hear from them again. Sure, they can use other names and accounts to comment on your videos, but they will get bored of making new ones long before you get bored of blocking them.