Is It Still Possible to Make a Living From Adsense?

Is It Still Possible to Make a Living From Adsense?

It is something that a lot of people wonder and very few know the answer. But for this post, I will attempt to answer that very question and while the answer might not be what you want it to be, it is the correct answer nevertheless...

First up we need to agree on what "Living" is and for that I will take the average UK wage in 2018 as a base template. That wage is £27,271 ($34,764) and that is the target I will aim at explaining. While it doesn't sound like a lot of money it is an amount that you should be capable of living on provided you are not living the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade wage.

So how many page views (per day) on a blog do you need to earn that amount per year? Sadly the maths behind this is far easier than you might think. Taking the lowest average Adsense RPM (Page revenue per thousand impressions) which is £1 ($1.27) we then need to work out what we need to earn every hour of the day for the average wage (so the math is 27,271 divided by 365) and that daily wage is £74.65p ($95.14) so that means we need 75,000 daily page views each and every day just to earn a living and unless you don't know your own stats you will know that is an obscene amount of page views.

But what if we earn the medium average Adsense RPM which is £5 ($6.37) Sure, you will need to do a lot of Adsense testing and some good keyword research for that RPM, but it is more than possible. So what does that RPM do for our math? Well, remember that we need to earn £74.65p ($95.14) per day we then need just 15,000 per day and that is not that much and more than achievable in a few years of adding good quality content.

So here is probably the math everyone will want to achieve. A higher than average Adsense RPM which is £10 ($12.74) - what I will say is that this number is surprisingly achievable especially if you have a high ranking blog in a highly competitive niche. What I am saying is this RPM is not that hard at all, but it will require a lot of keyword rich content and high ranking articles. But with this RPM you only need 8,000 page views a day and most of my own blogs easily achieve that number (but sadly I don't earn the higher rate RPM)

Well, there you go. I might have proved it is more than possible to earn a living from Google Adsense alone, but it does require a lot of effort on your behalf, especially in the keyword research and content generation and none of these scenarios will happen overnight, but if you work hard all of them are possible. The best advice I can give any blogger or site owner is to never give in. Just keep on making content and as long as you are growing subscribers you should be forever growing page views. I always give my blogs 3 years. If they are failing to earn a small wage in that time frame I move on and try another niche.


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