What Should I Blog About to Earn the Most Adsense Revenue?

What Should I Blog About to Earn the Most Adsense Revenue?

This is a question I get a lot and in truth, the answer is not as straightforward as most people might think. But I will try to answer it as best I can and while the answer might not be what everyone is looking for it is the best answer I can give...

What Topics Have The Highest CPC? 

While they are not the easiest categories to get into Insurance, Mortgages, Attorneys, Loans, Lawyers, Donate sites, Conference Call software and Degree learning are all well above the $40 (£35) per click and are some of the highest paying Adsense keywords. But for me, this doesn't answer the question. It is the first part of the main question that means these high paying CPC keywords might not be for you.

So What Should "I" Blog About? 

This is where my own thought about this question comes into it. Because the best thing for you to blog about is something you understand and love! Do you really fully understand and enjoy talking about law, loans or Conference Call software? If the answer is yes you have a great future ahead of you in blogging and will earn a lot of money. But for those of us who just want to blog about life or pets those categories are not really suitable.

Always Blog About What You Love

So the full question is "What Should I Blog About to Earn the Most Adsense Revenue? " Once you work out the first part of this question you are 95% towards success. You should always blog about things you understand and enjoy writing about because your passion and knowledge will shine through those posts and earn you a good audience and in turn some good Adsense revenue in the meanwhile.  If you are writing about something you don't enjoy you might not be consistent and in turn, your content might not be up to scratch. So how do YOU earn the most Adsense revenue? You enjoy what you are blogging about and that way even if your Adsense earnings are low you will still be enjoying doing it. Sure, you can force yourself to enjoy Donate sites, Conference Call software and Degree learning, but how long do you seriously think you can keep that going?

What do you blog about? Let us know the comments below and maybe share a link to your blog for others to enjoy it.