Why is My Adsense Revenue So Low?

Why is My Adsense Revenue So Low?

This is a question I get asked a lot and while most people expect a single sentence answer it is not that easy to explain at all. In fact, it all depends on a number of factors. What your site is about, the quality of the traffic it is getting, the amount of traffic it is getting, the location of the ads, the sites theme, colours, your mobile site, etc, etc. For this post, I will try and go through the top 5 reasons you might be getting tuppence from your videos or site...

No Enough Page Views

This answer probably covers 90% of all people wondering why their Adsense revenue is so low. On YouTube, you need millions of views to make a nice earning, but with a blog, just a hundred thousand page views a month can earn you a decent wage. If you are not earning much try increasing your traffic as much as you can a get promoting that channel or website. SEO, Social Media and even PPC is a great way to bring even more people to your content.

No Set Category

What is your channel or site about? Is it dedicated to a particular category? Maybe make-up and beauty, maybe gaming, maybe it is all about the latest tech on the market. If you have one set lane it is far easier to earn higher amounts per click because your visitors will be highly targeted, but if you talk about a wide range of subjects you might earn a lot less. So try to stick to one category, or if you want to talk about a range of things be prepared to bring in lots of traffic to compensate for it.

Ad Location

While you might think this only applies to bloggers it does also apply to YouTubers. Every time you upload a video you have a choice about what type of ads you want to show and where. Why not do some experimenting with the location and type of ad you are using and don't forget about those mid-rolls. For bloggers, this is a whole lot easier and you can place your ads wherever you want. Try to do as much A/B experimenting as you can as you will soon learn the best location and earn a lot more.

The Reason For View

It's all well and good bringing someone to your funny cat videos, but what would someone buy while watching an ad on a funny cat video? If you talk about cat products or cat care then you will probably earn a lot more revenue because people might well see a targeted ad for those things and buy them. Or even better use an affiliate link and earn money from product links yourself!

How Are They Viewing

While this only really applies to bloggers it is something you will be surprised by the numbers of people who don't think about it. When using auto ads or your own ad placements you need to view your own site on multiple platforms. So desktop, mobile and if you have one tablet (although a smartphone in landscape mode is just as good). Do your ads show up on all those devices? Are they the right size? Are they clearly visible? If not you might need to think about your mobile ads strategy especially if you are using AMP's.

While there are probably hundreds of other reasons your Adsense revenue is low it is best to stand back and look at your site or videos with new eyes. Ask a friend, ask your readers/viewers if they can see the ads OK (just don't tell them to click test them). If you are still struggling why not leave a comment and I am happy to advise you on what might be the cause.