Here is Why Adsense Doesn't Care About Content Creators...It Can't!

Here is Why Adsense Doesn't Care About Content Creators...It Can't!

While this might sound like a venomous title this post is supposed to be an explanation for some of the things Adsense does that are often seen as negative towards content creators. Things like banning all the Pokemon Go Youtubers, blocking whole channels for seemingly no reason at all and on top of all that not talking to content creators until there is a big enough stink about an issue online and that in turn means only the biggest of content creators and Youtubers can get heard. While this is not the nicest of opening lines this post is on the side of Adsense themselves as I will try to explain why they simply can't care about us content creators...

The Problem Adsense Has

To understand this you need to put yourself in the shoes of the advertiser. Just for this example, let's say you run a well-known brand of shoes and want to advertise on Youtube. Your goal is to reach young people 16-20 for a new line of shoes you are selling. Adsense will then show that ad to people who fit those criteria the marketing firm has requested.

But here is the problem Adsense have. They use your personal data to work out the type of person you are as well as your age and show you relevant ads that should echo your interests and previous purchases and in turn make it much more likely you are going to buy those new shoes. But if someone in that target audience just so happens to be watching a video on hate speech or some other highly sensitive subject and Adsense show you that ad (because it fits your interests and the criteria the marketing firm has requested) the chances are good you will hit out at the shoe firm because you believe they are showing ads on negative content, but it is not the fault of the marketing department of the shoes and in turn they pull all the ads.

Advertisers First - Content Creators Last

Situations like the one I have just described are all too common these days with thousands of people hitting out at brands and businesses just because their ads show up in seemly wrong places. In turn, advertisers and marketing firms hit out at Adsense or pull all their ads. So to keep advertisers happy they need to put them first and foremost. If advertisers leave there is no Adsense and no money for content creators to earn from and in turn they won't create content and there will be no-one to see the ads in the first place. So advertisers have to come first and anyone who understands how Adsense works should acknowledge this fact. But this is where Adsense has another problem...

The Uncontrollable Beast

While finding out the total number of Adsense friendly blog posts is almost impossible we do know 576,000 hours of content is uploaded to Youtube every hour (that's 9,600 hours uploaded every single minute!). Here is the problem Adsense has. To put human eyes on the content just uploaded to Youtube they would need to employ millions of employees and that is never going to happen (as I explain in this post here:  Why Doesn't Adsense Have Live Chat, Phone or Email Customer Support?).

So in order to do their best to counteract the problem of putting advertisers first and allowing content creators to grow, they create what I can only imagine is a VERY complex bot algorithm that searches the whole video as well as all the content upload via blogs and websites. When this "bot" is doing the job it was given (which it probably does millions of times every single day) it is never heard about and never seen. But at the end of the day, this is a bot, not a flawless AI who knows exactly what is good and what is bad, it's just a pre-programmed bot that looks for certain keywords. So when Adsense get told to crack down on ads being shown on "child exportation" videos it looks for videos that kids are mostly watching (like Pokemon channels) and removes them or demonetized them. And this works with political keywords, death keywords and even swearing.

People then kick off online with the biggest content creators getting an instant response back and in turn, this means the small content creators feel rejected and not cared about because the truth is Adsense has to care about the advertisers first and foremost. It can't filter the beast it has created, it can't limit the amount of content upload to YouTube and the Web and it can't make the perfect algorithm bot to filter the content because what might seem like "child exportation" to someone is just a family friendly Pokemon video to others. This puts Adsense in a forever lose situation and sadly it is their own doing (or us the content creators if you want to look at it a different way).

I'm sure with better AI Adsense will change to be much better at knowing which content is advertiser-friendly. But until that point, we will have to live with Adsense making mistakes almost daily and I for one have to feel a little sorry for them.